Starts at $150 for the first hour

10 High Resolution Edited Images

Digital Download

50% retainer fee

Examples: Graduation Portraits, Professional Outdoor Headshots, Model Portraits. A fun filled one on one session with me. Guaranteed smiles and laughs.


Starts at $175 for the first hour

15 High Resolution Edited Images / hr

Digital Download

50% retainer fee

Examples: Anything under the sun. I'm willing to do crazy things to get the best photos for you and your loved one. I want to make this a moment you'll always remember.


Starts at $175 for the first hour

10 High Resolution Edited Images / hr

Digital Download

50% retainer fee

Examples: Photos for your brand/business, couple photos, family photos, photos that tell a story (Candid photos). The goal is to capture genuine emotion.

Travel Costs

Travel expenses will depend on distance of travel and time. Travel expenses are not included in the packages above. I'll send out an invoice detailing the cost of travel.

Cost per mile is based on the standard mileage rates so for 2020, it will be $0.58/mile. As for time, it will be $15/hr of travel.

First time Clients

As an entrepreneur starting his photography business, I want to give 15% to all first time clients for the first year. So come and get your photoshoot while it lasts!

You choose the photos you want.

Once I finish editing, I will have a proofing link that has all the edited photos! All you have to do is favorite the ones you like. If there are photos you like but want to change it a bit, comment in the comment section and I can make the changes. I offer as many changes till you're satisfied because it means a lot to me that you're happy with the end result.

When you're satisfied and have favorited the number of photos allowed, I will make those images downloadable for you! Easy peasy.


So you wrapped up your first photoshoot with me and you have friends and family inquiring about who took your awesome photos. Well, if you refer them to me, you get 15% off your next purchase! Whether it's a photoshoot session or a print in my store.

Want extra photos?

After looking through the gallery, you realize there are so many more awesome photos that you want... what then? As an artist, I am of the opinion that there should be quality over quantity. But I do understand the want for more photos! So for every extra 10 photos, there will be a charge of $100.

Bad Weather?

No problem. I reschedule photoshoots as many times as needed till we get the perfect weather.

Any Questions? Get in Touch!

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