1 Week in St. Lucia

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“I sleepily awoke from my slumber caused by the jostling of the plane as I felt it descend. 

“Ladies and gentleman, we are beginning our descent…” said the flight attendant over the loudspeaker. 

I  stretched my arms up over my head and let out a silent yawn. I rubbed my eyes and pulled up the plane window and lo and behold, the island of St. Lucia was under me. It was quite a small island, but it was covered with lush and dense green foliage. Green. The color that makes you feel at peace and a color you don’t see much if you live in a city like me. I was eager to explore the island.”

When we landed, we took a taxi to the resort. There was a lot of traffic so I would suggest not coming here during the holidays. Since St. Lucia is an island, there’s basically 1 main road that circles the whole island. The other roads we later found out were very bumpy and windy backroads that went up and down and around the mountains located in the center of the island. When we finally got to the Royalton (the resort where we were staying at) a few hours later, we rested for a bit. 

View on the way to the hotel

A quick pitstop on the way to the hotel

Lobby of the  Royalton

Got my sis looking weird haha

That evening, we went to a block party

After resting, we grabbed a quick dinner before finding out that a local block party was held every Friday. Just our luck! My brother, sister and I hopped in a cab and headed off to the party. 

“The music filled the streets and the smell of street food and alcohol wafted through the air. We meandered around, squeezing past people who were dancing, looking for food to eat. We finally decided on buying some chicken skewers and sat down at a table next to a bar. Of course, when one sits next to a bar, one must get drinks! The skewers were a bit salty and we wanted a drink to quench our thirst. We ordered a piton beer (the national beer of St. Lucia) and downed that pretty quickly. For my second drink, I ordered Rum Punch, a famous drink here. Boy, it was good. High alcohol content but you could barely taste it and one of those drinks that’ll knock you out if you’re not careful. Thus, the night ended with good music, drink, and laughter. 

I would definitely suggest trying local Rum Punch here, not the ones you get at the hotels or resorts. 

The next morning, we went on an ATV Tour…

After “signing our life away” we went outside to learn how to drive the ATV. After driving in a circle a few times, we got the hang of it and started our ATV tour. Initially, the goal of coming to St. Lucia was to make a cool video so I sat behind my brother to capture some nice b-roll. We drove through some of the villages and dirt roads with the tour guide and made a stop at what used to be an old sugarcane plantation. 

“Seated on the ATV, I flipped the “on” switch. The vehicle stuttered and then roared to life. I could feel the vibrations reverberating throughout my body.  I pressed the accelerator and felt the ATV lurch forward. The wind blew against my face and the vehicle bounced up and down as it traversed the bumpy dirt road. I felt alive.”

On the third day, we went on a boat tour (#seaspraycruises by #stluciatours) to the southern end of the island where the sulfur baths were. The music again was superb and being on the boat was very calm and relaxing. We sped along the waters, enjoying the occasional splash from the waves on our faces. The sun was out and the sky was pretty clear aside from the few clouds speckled here and there against the blue sky. I could hardly keep my eyes open since they’re pretty sensitive to light. 

After reaching and docking at the south side of the island, we walked to the sulfur baths. As we got closer, I could smell the sulfur in the air. It wasn’t very pleasant, to say the least. The place was pretty packed and full of people with sulfur deposits all over their skin, casting them in grey like gooey liquid. It was our turn and we first dipped ourselves into a hot sulfur bath before coating ourselves in the sulfur deposits. 

Once we let the sun dry the sulfur, we washed off in the hot bath again. It felt wonderful and I definitely noticed my skin being much smoother. After washing off, we returned back to the boat and went snorkeling. We didn’t see much but it was nice to get into the water for a swim.

On the boat ride back to the resort, the atmosphere turned electric. The DJ on the boat, who was amazing by the way, increased the tempo of the music and the boat turned into a party boat. The DJ grooved to the beat like no other, swaying his body to the beat, with a big smile on his face. We drank some beer and danced the rest of the afternoon away, speeding once again along the waters.

The last fun activity we did was a jeep tour that took us on the backroads to a fishing village called Anse La Raye (which means “Bay of the Ray” in Creole), and then to a small jungle where we hiked to a waterfall. 

“The village of Anse la Raye was a quiet place and had its own unique charm. We had some of the villagers look at us which was funny. The tour guide told us that the community shares items with one another if they do not have it. The short hike in the jungle to the waterfall was quite nice. It was quite humid but thankfully there weren’t too many bugs. 

“We were surrounded by the dense green jungle and sunlight shone through the rustling trees, creating shifting highlights on the jungle floor. The air felt damp against our skin, but we welcomed it.”

The last few days were spent relaxing at the Resort and we didn’t do many activities aside from swimming in the pools and playing volleyball. 

Thanks for reading!

Here are the top 5 things to do in St. Lucia:

1. ATV Tour
2. Boat Tour (Seaspray Cruises) - Snorkeling and Sulfur Baths
3. Friday Block Party at Gross Islet 

4. Jeep Tour - Jungle Hike to Waterfall & visit to fishing village

5. Eat Local Food & Drink Rum Punch 

Things to be aware of:

1. Traffic during holidays

2. I would suggest staying somewhere near the south as that’s where most of the activities are.

3. The Royalton (all-inclusive resort) wasn’t a nice place to stay. Food was subpar (we ended up eating at the buffet for all our meals due to the variety)

4. Taxi rides are quite expensive due to the lack of rental cars. Driving in St. Lucia is pretty crazy.


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