NYC & New England Engagement, Portrait & Event Photographer

Creating photos that bring out your authentic self requires both sides, the photographer and subject to be open and willing to collaborate. Even though we might be strangers on the internet at first, I love meeting new people so please allow me to introduce myself!

About me: Aaron Fu

Hey, I’m Aaron! It’s nice to meet you. I grew up in Queens, NY and studied engineering up in Boston at Northeastern before coming back down.

What led me on this photography journey was a solo trip to Switzerland back in 2014 where I biked all around the country. I took photos on my phone at the time but thought to myself how amazing would it be if I learned how to take photos with a camera to capture the beauty I witnessed, both in nature and in the people I met. I had always been interested in photography and even took a film class in middle school but I was dead set on trying to get better at taking photos.

Since then I’ve done all kinds of photography from portraiture to engagement, couples, graduation, events, you name it. 

My approach to photography involves getting to know you first! I believe the best photos are taken after establishing trust and a bond. I’m a really easy-going guy and love learning about people.

I don’t have a particular style but rather see myself as a multi-dimensional photographer. Every photoshoot will reveal its own style eventually, whether it's bright, moody, cinematic, etc. unless its specified at the start what style you want. I enjoy well-directed couple sessions AND capturing beautiful candid photos. 

The ultimate goal for me when I photograph you is to tell a story through the photos I take. 

So I hope that you'll be willing to let me into a little bit of your world and capture the beauty of it.

What type of gear do you shoot with?

I own a family of Nikon Mirrorless Cameras: Nikon Z7 ii & Nikon Z6 i. These are professional full frame cameras that produce high quality images that can fill up your whole wall if you wanted to!

My go-to lenses: 

Nikon Z 24-70mm 2.8

Nikon Z 35mm 1.8

Nikon Z 50mm 1.8

Nikon F 85mm 1.8

I love using my primes when taking portraits or engagement photos. For events, i'll mainly stick with the 24-70 as my bread and butter.

Some things about myself:

  • I love hiking. So if you want to take photos on top of a mountain somewhere in the world, I’m all for it! 
  • I enjoy watching K-dramas. The one who got me into watching it is my girlfriend (I’ve probably shed enough tears to fill up a whole tub!). The first one I ever watched was “Goblin”.
  • I’m a Gold 3 Valorant player (currently). I main Jett but can also be your pocket sage
  • Both manga and anime have a special place in my heart. If you want to talk about manga and anime, we have to sit down for coffee! (My all-time favorite is One Piece)
  • Music is life. I mainly listen to R&B, soul, and pop with a touch of folk & indie. 

Preview of some of my work

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